Follow the steps below to access and configure the ProcessMaker Mobile app. This configuration should be done on each mobile device where the ProcessMaker app will run or will be used. The ProcessMaker Mobile app can be configured to use a workspace in any ProcessMaker 3 server. To try out the app without installing a ProcessMaker server, the initial screen provides a button to create a new account in the Enterprise Trial Server, and the mobile app will automatically be configured to use that new account. The same workspace on the Enterprise Trial Server can be used on multiple mobile devices, so it is only necessary to register once.  To create users, modify the process, or create new workspaces, open a web browser on a desktop computer and log into the ProcessMaker server with an administrator user.

Accessing ProcessMaker Mobile

Once the ProcessMaker Mobile app is installed on your mobile device, a shortcut to the app will be added to the device's home screen. Touch the ProcessMaker icon to open the app. If the mobile app is already configured to work use a Processmaker workspace, enter the username and password to log in.

Before starting, the mobile app must be configured to either use a workspace on the ProcessMaker Enterprise Trial Server or a workspace on your own ProcessMaker server. Tap the Settings button to configure the server next screen. Type the URL of server into the Server URL field, using a URL such as or http://pm.example.com. In this example, an account was created in the Enterprise Trial Server, so the URL of that server is used. In the Workspace field, a name must be entered, such as "workflow". If using a personal ProcessMaker server, the default workspace is named "workflow". The user can clean the app's cached data by tapping Clean Cache. After tapping the Clean Cache button, a message will appear saying that the app's data will be deleted, including stored Dynaforms, files, databases queries and preferences among others.

After the server is configured correctly, it is possible to log in. Once inside of the ProcessMaker app, a list of the processes the user created comes up. The first screen seen is the inbox, where cases that need to be worked on can be started. In this screen, the following information is seen: the name of the process, who is handling it and if it's on time or overdue.

Updating ProcessMaker Mobile

The ProcessMaker Mobile application is always trying to deliver a better experience; therefore, when a new version is released, it will be necessary to update the app. To update ProcessMaker, go to the application in the Play Store, look for ProcessMaker and the Update button will be available. Tap on Update. A message appears asking the user to allow certain permissions, but ProcessMaker Mobile does not require any additional or special permissions. After tapping on the Accept button, the new version will start downloading. This may take a few moments, but after the new version is downloaded a notification that the application is up to date will be displayed.

Accessing ProcessMaker Mobile With a Google Account

Available Version: From ProcessMaker Mobile 1.0.3

The ProcessMaker mobile application can be accessed by using a Google account registered in the devices. This feature is available exclusively for the ProcessMaker Enterprise edition. To log into ProcessMaker mobile with a Google account, it must be registered with ProcessMaker in the Personal Information of the user. The Google account must also be registered on the device where the mobile app is located.

To create a user in ProcessMaker go to Admin > Users > New.

In the mobile app, tap on the Sign in with Google button. This will lead to a window listing the Google accounts registered on the device. Choose one to sign in with that account into ProcessMaker. After selecting the account, tap on OK. A window asking for proper permissions appears, which will only appear the first time the user is being authenticated. If the conditions are acceptable then tap on OK, and the user will be able to access the application directly every time it is opened.

To access the application using a different account, simply log out from the application and log in again.

Warning: Users with the active status can log on ProcessMaker. If there are two active users with the same email address, the following message is displayed: